Skipping as both a childrens’ game and the embodiment of aspiration and self -perfection. Are you skipping your own self, overcoming your limitations, or are you trapped in a rotating circle you can ́t escape? How long can a game be only itself, how long will it take before the game becomes madness?

The idea for Tereza Hradilková`s new dance solo was born while working on the dance film Beating, which was shot at Prague`s Palaestra boxing club: „I was attracted by how boxers jump rope. I enjoyed the lightness of their movements, their changing rhythm, the movement of their arms and legs, which was a kind of dance on its own. I was fascinated by the different kinds of jumps and skips as well as sound of the jump rope that accompanied their movements “explains the project`s author Tereza Hradilková.

The dance performance Swish proves that jumping rope is more than just a childrens’ game; it symbolizes ambition, performance, and the attempt at reaching perfection. „Do you jump beyond yourself, beyond your limits, or are you in fact a prisoner of a vicious circle from which there is no escape,“ asks choreographer and dancer Hradilková.


Concept, choreography, interpretation: Tereza Hradilková
Dramaturgy and directional cooperation: Biljana Golubovič
Music: Filip Míšek
Costumes: Marjetka Kürner Kalous
Light design: Pavel Kotlík
Constultation: Lukáš Jiřička
Photo: Dragin Dragan, Vojta Brtnický
Production: Veronika Hladká
Coproduction: Tanec Praha / PONEC – divadlo pro tanec, Studio Truhlárna
Thanks to: Daniel Wunsch, Petr Horký, Jakub Hradilek, Jan Horák, Palo Kršiak, Festival Bazaar, Dan Gregor
Supported by: Ministerstvo kultury ČR, NADACE ŽIVOT UMĚLCE, Studio Truhlarna

Awarded as a Dance piece of the year 2017 within the festival CZECH DANCE PLATFORM 2017. Presented within Tanzmesse 2018(DE), Rencontres Chorégraphique internationales de Seine-Saint-Dennis 2018 (FR), Julidans NEXT 2018 (NL), Tanzsolofestival 2017, 29th International Festival of Contemporary Dance and Movement Theatre(DE),  TANEC PRAHA 2018 /2017(CZ), Theater World Brno(CZ), BAZAAR festival 2018(CZ), CZECH DANCE PLATFORM 2017(CZ), MALA INVENTURA 2017(CZ), 4 + 4 Days in motion 2016 (CZ) and others


“The most original production concept of the programme has been presented by Tereza
Hradilková. To capture and perform the emotions of a woman in the course of her lifetime,
she has drawn on the primeval, yet cherished children ́s game – the rope skipping,” stated
international jury member Nina Vangeli. “Thus she has created a powerful metaphor on stage
and also the ideal conditions for her very demanding performance,” she added.  Nina Vangeli, Dance zone

As the production focuses, among other themes, on the consequences of physical exertion (accelerated breath in the microphone), it opens, through movement, an intangible gateway into the realm of psychological or at least more complex and exact worldview.  By doing so, the performance proofs that even a skipping rope can represent a symbol of the transcendent. Barbora Pokorná, Taneční aktuality

Almost everyone in the audience was captured by her perfect synchrony with the musician,
by her authentic testimony and by her astonishing physical performance. She was nominated
for the Spectator ́s award, Best Dancer Award and Dance Production of the Year Award,
which she had won. Dance Zone